First Visit - Exam

Upon your 1st visit with Relentless Chiropractic you will be going over your initial paperwork with the Doctor or Trained Chiropractic Assistant. We will ensure that your health history is fully reviewed and that your health goals are understood so that we can be in Relentless Pursuit of your health!

After the Consultation and Review of Health History the following procedures will be performed:

  • Neurological and Muscular Assessments using state of the art scanning technology.
  • Range of Motion and Palpatory examination of the Spine and or other areas of complaint.
  • Focused Orthopedic examination
  • Vitals- height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate

Your first visit is all about discovering what is going on neurologically in the body and how we can work together to bring you back to your body’s best level of health possible! 

Patient Forms

Prior to the new patient visit with the Doctor, you will be sent the initial paperwork to fill out via e-mail. This will ensure your time is maximized while with the Doctor. This paperwork provides us with your health history and information on your condition. Fill it out completely and if there are any questions please call ahead of time so we can answer them and utilize your time with Dr. Sam  effectively. 


Next, you will have a consultation with Dr. Sam to discuss your health concerns and potential treatment options. This initial visit is designed to learn more about you, your condition, and expectations to determine how chiropractic care can meet your goals.


After your consultation,  a complete chiropractic examination testing your reflexes and flexibility (Range of Motion). Other standard neurological, orthopedic, postural, and physical tests will be performed as needed. However, nothing may be done without first receiving your consent.

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