originally posted: Mar 08, 2019.

Happy International Women’s Day!!

Today is a day to honor the incredible accomplishments, big and small, that women do for those around them.  One of the biggest accomplishments we to want to focus on today is a woman’s ability to carry and deliver a child through pregnancy!  When the body changes as the baby grows, it’s important to make sure that the mother is functioning at her best. 

So ask yourself: if nerve interference has the power to impact us individually, is there a potential to affect baby?  Well…we wouldn’t have made a post about it if it didn’t! 

A study completed in 2018 (yes…that was just LAST YEAR!) in the Journal of Perinatal Medicine focused on the relationship of mother and fetus’ autonomic systems. It found that if there is stress on mom’s body, that stress will cause vascular resistance to the fetus, decreasing blood flow and nutrients travelling to the placenta for the baby.  That’s a lot of words…basically if the nervous system is not functioning right in mom, the fetus’ nervous system will not function well in utero and even through birth. 

I know this sounds drastic.  A lot of women have been pregnant and had children with no visible signs of trouble.  Some of you are probably also thinking that was just one study…well there has been physical proof through a group of people showing how the affects are generational:

Grandchildren of Holocaust survivors have mutated stress genes due to the affects of the severe physical and emotional/chemical trauma that happened during World War 2. 

This is not a doom and gloom post…this is a message that we share to educate and empower you to PROACTIVELY take care of your health.  Removing nerve interference through gentle, specific adjustments creates an environment for the nervous system to function at its best, and by routinely maintaining spinal health during pregnancy, women are able to ensure their children are in the best environment possible for growth! 

Dr. Sam LOVES helping pregnant women and children, because through the next generation we are creating better habits for health!  Give us a call today for a consult and learn how we can help your family thrive!