Consistent Care vs. Periodic Care

There has always been the question that is asked: “How long do I need to come in for care?” This is a question that stems from a lack of understanding of how the human body works and the effects that Chiropractic adjustments have upon the nervous system and overall health.

Imagine you just bought a brand new car! Now what would happen if you never changed the oil, rotated the tires, or did any general maintenance of your new car, except when the warning lights started to light up in the dashboard. We all know that it would break down and eventually need major repairs and an overhaul to get it up and running again or you might even need to get a new car if the damage was bad enough.

In your body this principle works the same way! As a chiropractor I want to help you reach your health goals through consistent chiropractic adjustments rather than trying to wait until your in crippling pain and then work to get back to your ideal health goals! Just as in the example it is much easier to work on a tune up of the body rather than trying to do a major overhaul like a surgery (unless it is medically necessary) because of lack of self care.

So the question of “how long do I need to come in for care?” is simply answered with what are your health goals? Based on the initial consultation and examination the Doctor(s) will give a recommendation for reaching your health goals and show a method to weaning down to less frequent adjustments while allowing your body to heal from the inside out!

If one waits until they are in pain to start care or come back in for care, then a cycle of getting out of pain and then coming back in only when pain occurs the body is having micro traumas that occur at a cellular level. This starts to cause a deformation of the tissues that help hold the structural integrity of the body. As this occurs then a structural change occurs that limits what can be done as a chiropractor.

Since you only have 1 body with original factory warranty parts, why not take care of it as best as humanly possible? When you pair chiropractic care along with excersise and better diet the maximum potential of your body starts to be unlocked.

Will you join us and be in Relentless Pursuit of better health?

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