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Relentless Chiropractic is bringing MOBILE, time-efficient, and specific chiropractic adjustments to the Hampton Roads! Employers, Managers, HR Directors: Gain back 11 hours of productivity time per every 12 employees by calling us! Relentless Chiropractic is here to help you cultivate the Wellness programs you are implementing at your office and allow your company to be as productive as possible. Call us today about our Corporate Wellness Packages!

Relentless Chiropractic offers corporate chiropractic services. This allows our company to make a simple contract with yours allowing for specific employees of Relentless Chiropractic to come on site to serve your companies’ employees.

Individual contracts for care are made with the employees; however, companies may pay for a portion or all of the recommended care but it is not expected, nor is it required.

As companies grow it has become more competitive and more stressful at the work place and Relentless Chiropractic wants to help your companies employees have the edge over your competition. We want for your employees to not only be functioning better but also be 100% engaged when they are at work with maximum efficiency and effectiveness during the work day. When they go home they then can be 100% engaged with their family and the activities they need to do at home.

This allows for a better balanced employee and a more productive environment at the work place! One thing I have learned is that when a win-win situation can be created both parties will be happier and more effective that a win-lose, lose-lose, or a pure compromise situation where both are more unhappy than happy with the outcome.

Our method is simple, after being given the green light by a company to be onsite, and liability documentation has been read and agreed upon – we will come out and provide care for the employees at regular intervals based on the needs of the employees.

Travel fees are applied:

  • 10 or fewer individuals (full travel fee / person)
  • 10-24 individuals (1/2 travel fee / person)
  • 25+ individuals (travel fee waved / person)

Care recommendations costs are spread out monthly to avoid large costs to the employees or company up front and allow for the benefits of care to be seen while limiting the impact on the budget.

Goals of Corporate Chiropractic Wellness Initiatives

  • Increase productivity by decreasing interruptions from common health complaints like headaches and low back pain which occur thought the work day stealing focus the tasks at hand.
  • Decreasing overall expenditure on health costs due to healthier habits and increased immune system function.
  • Seeing patient’s less frequently as the body heals to maintain optimum health with minor adjustments to the body’s nervous system rather than attempting a complete overhaul of their health.
  • Create an environment of health where the employee feels valued and will desire to remain at the company for many years to come.

To ask about how to implement the Relentless Pursuit for health Wellness initiative for your Company Call or email:


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